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Wholistic Care Center
Dundas/Bloor location
2238 Dundas St West, unit 215

Toronto, ON M6R 3A9
Tel: 416.532.8660

2238 Dundas St West Unit 215, Toronton, ON M6R 3A9

Wholistic Care Center
Bloor West Village
5 Bloor St West unit 404
Toronto, ON M6S 4W4
Tel: 416 532 8660

2425 Bloor St West, unit 404 Toronto, ON

Welcome to our unique, forest-inspired healing space - Wholistic Care Center.

Our healing space is infused with sacred geometry and elements of nature that instantly soothe the senses and rejuvenate your mind and body. Music that you will hear here is tuned to 432 hz. Complete with complimentary infrared sauna, vibration plate, medicinal teas (Chaga, Reishi, Coriolus versicolor) and local spring water, our team of practitioners offers you leading edge services, including homeopathy, holistic nutrition, naturopathy, vegan facials, psychotherapy, meditation, a variety of massage techniques, light therapy, and more.

It is truly a sign of the times that we are able to make this space available to you and your family. 

Try our amazing services, meet our practitioners, come to our events, become a part of our community or connect with us via facebook.

We look forward to meeting you in person and working with you and your family on your way to recovery and health.


Anna Sienicka
Founder/Owner of Wholistic Care Center

You are welcome to visit our beautiful space