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Healing takes many forms.  Human beings exist in three realms – mind, body and spirit.  All of these need to be taken into consideration where our health and well being are concerned.  Today’s medical model is fragmented; the body is divided into separate organs.  Conventional medicine treats the body purely on a biophysical or biochemical basis.  Alternative therapies view the individual as a whole organism that works together to maintain homeostasis and uses various modalities.  There is no need for a battle between conventional and alternative medicine.  Imagine if the two came together, what kind of impact would that make on people’s lives?  In many cases it’s beneficial for these two seemingly opposing health care systems to work together for a patient’s best interest.  It doesn’t have to be this or that – it can be this AND that. 

It was a dream of mine to create a space where holistic treatments were more readily available to the public.  People need choices.  This is why the Wholistic Care Centers were specifically opened inside of medical establishments. The vision was to create a place which promotes healing from the moment an individual walks through the door. Beauty, symmetry, colours, sounds, aromas and aspects of nature are brought together to soothe the soul, which is such an overlooked part of the healing journey. All are welcomed wherever they are at in their health state; prevention, maintenance, or after diagnosis. Our team of highly qualified practitioners are here to assist you with the best service possible.

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