AGA AZRA – Agnieszka Tarnawska

Dreams…what are they? What do they mean? Where do they come from?
Multi-disciplined artist and designer, Agnieszka Tarnawska, hopes to uncover such mysteries through her imaginative work. Inspired by the abundance and beauty of Mother Earth herself, Agnieszka feels she can never run out of new and innovative ways to merge the past with the future, the old with the new.
Born in Gdansk, Poland, Agnieszka arrived in Canada at the age of 3 with her parents, leaving behind a country ruled by communism. They sought freedom and opportunity; they chose a land of great beauty and diversity. The Native Indian people of Canada, their culture and deep rooted respect for Mother Earth, taught Agnieszka what it means to live with honour and respect, and how to connect to our soul through creativity.
She takes an organic approach to all her art, while maintaining a strong sense of grace and elegance. Fascinated by the sacred geometry of the dreamcatcher design, Agnieszka continues to find new ways of presenting this weave to the world. This most popular of Native American crafts, the dreamcatcher is a symbol of the invisible web that connects all of creation. A geometric pattern she also likes to call “nature’s blueprint”.
Agnieszka’s most recent creative projects include hand-made textile adornments such as window treatments, retail backdrops and ambient canopies. Textiles have always been a passion for Agnieszka, she now takes artistic fabric treatments to another level.
AGA AZRA is Agnieszka’s new design brand launched in 2011. A brand inspired by ancient and primitive culture, and modern and sophisticated elements. AGA AZRA reflects her love for natural materials, mystical objects and the mystery of the unknown.

AGA AZRA contributed her time and energy towards our fabric projects at our new clinic.

Rodger Hyodo - Author, Coach

Rodger Hyodo is a writer and specialist coach at his company ReDefine Global.

Rodger worked alongside some of the world’s finest scientists, academics and entrepreneurs at the leading edge of social change in the 1980's and 90’s. Today his coaching, writing and editing continue to be leading edge.

Rodger’s non-profit activities include many years as part of the core group with quantum physicist David Bohm developing 'dialogue’. Rodger was Chairman of the Emissary Society (UK) with activities in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Israel. He also worked closely with Oxford-Harvard East West Society and was on faculty for Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative (2006).

Pavla Quinn - Well Being Guidance, Visionary Artist

Transform your life through the essence of living art.”

“Transform your body, mind and soul with the essence of nature.”

“Transformation in the essence of mind, body and soul.”


From a journey of over 30 years of learning and accumulating knowledge through travel and schooling abroad focuses on sharing information and giving guidance for individual and collective transformation designed to restore balance and harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Her desire is to open people up to new information for a new way of living and eating to experience revitalization of the body, as well as the expansion of our creative potential, embracing our role and purpose in life.

Through the beauty of various expressions of art, Pavla shares her gifts and knowledge through personal or group classes and touches on subjects such as, visual arts, how to prepare raw living foods, simple and on-the-go recipes, cooked foods, learning about using local, sustainable and organic food, growing your own food, outdoor activities to connect with nature, expanding individual creativity, seeing things from a new viewpoint and the overall restoration of health and vitality.


Pavla invites you to journey into a world of beauty and art, where passion and creativity pave the way to a new way of living. LOVE LIGHT ENERGY!



Private and Group Consultation and Guidance:

Raw Living Whole Food Classes , Ayurvedic  Living Nutrition and Elements Snacks ON-THE-GO , Creating Sanctuary Healing Gardens , Forest Gardening~ Edible Gardens

Outdoor Activities to connect with Nature and Your Inner Self

Expanding Creativity~ Visual and Healing Arts

Restoration of Health and Vitality with New Viewpoint

Caroline Mackey, Nutritional Consultant and Fitness Trainer

Caroline holds a certification with CanFitPro as a Personal Training Specialist and will graduate as class valedictorian in April 2015, receiving her designation of Certified Nutritional Practitioner from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Caroline’s entrepreneurial spirit was honed from many years of working in the not for profit arts sector, and she brings over 16 years of experience in operational, marketing and financial management to her business.
While working long hours in a corporate environment, she experienced a life-threatening health crisis which forced her to re-examine her lifestyle and health choices. She discovered the power that food, fitness and mental wellness has to heal. Now a self-described “recovering perfectionist”, Caroline is passionate that living and feeling well should be easy, fun and accessible to everyone.
Caroline provides clients with nutrition, self care and fitness tools to find their thriving life, in both one on one and group settings. She also is also a frequent speaker, giving talks on health and wellness topics, spreading the message that living and feeling well can be accessible, fun and easy for everyone.

Jessa Wright, YTT, BA, Nutritional Consultant

"As a nutritional consultant and yoga instructor I reconnect the mind, body, and spirit by correcting the root cause of the issue through supplementation and food.  I create personal protocols for clients incorporating yogic practices, ayruvedic traditions, and mindfulness to heal the whole body.  Let's re-define your relationship with food!"

Karolina Boryca, Nutritionist

Karolina Boryca is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who is passionate about farming, food, and leading people in the right direction to good health.   It was issues with her acne that first brought her to The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, but her love for nature and the environment has played a big role in the path she’s chosen to take.  With a 5-year background in the marketing events world, she has more then enough experience in promoting excitement about health and the system that’s needed to put good food on our tables.  Her education as a CNP aids in providing the right materials and information to help motivate people in creating a better and healthier lifestyle.  


Karolina Boryca has volunteered on small organic farms in Ontario in order to learn and experience what goes into bringing wholesome, healthy foods to her own plate. She believes that learning more about the growing and processing of our food is an important factor in the choices we make when we shop.  Knowing the system from the farm to the table will also establish more respect for farmers, and in turn, create suitable farming for our health and environment.


Karolina Boryca is passionate about helping people with skin, weight and decreased energy issues.   She not only understands these issues but has also experienced them herself.  Living healthy doesn't have to mean living without good food and Karolina guides you threw new eating habits and lifestyle changes that will turn your life around for the better, health-wise and taste-wise.

Liza Martinenko,  Nutritional Consultant

Liza is a nutritional practitioner student at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduating in October 2018. She is a passionate advocate of whole foods eating and nutrition education. She believes that taking care of the body, mind and spirit is essential in addressing any health issue and encourages her clients to take an active role in their health management.

Liza began her education to better understand and heal her own body and mind. She was suffering from various digestive difficulties, fatigue and anxiety. Through lifestyle and dietary changes, Liza was able to make a real difference in her life and strives to help others do the same.  She combines fitness, nutritional changes and supplementation to guide her clients towards better physical and mental health.