Dr. Shayla Garland

Dr. Shayla has a clinical focus on stress, digestion, and immune disease (autoimmunity, allergies, poor immunity, etc.).  She wants every patient to feel energized, and living every moment happier and healthier!  Using naturopathic modalities, she aims to treat the root cause of disease, leading to lasting and sustainable change. See more  on her website below 

Tel: 647.218.7429


Soumeya Derbal

I am a Certified & Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I hold diplomas from the  (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and I am trained as a traditional Naturopath. I have studied with various well known international experts in the field of Homeopathy, Homotoxicology & Clinical Nutrition. 
I incorporate Therapeutic Clinical Nutrition, Live Cell Microscopy, Hair Mineral Analysis, Bio-therapeutic Drainage, Herbal Gemmotherapy, Tissue salts, flower essences and Oligotherapy into my arsenal of natural healing modalities and I also help my clients better understand their medical Lab Data. 

As an experienced clinical practitioner, I have been passionately educating clients,friends and family about the benefits of Holistic Nutritional Healing, guiding my clients to achieve optimal health. I passionately emphasize the importance of understanding how the human body works in health as a whole and the nutritional connection to correcting imbalances at all levels. 

I love empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health and engage fully in their own healing journeys.
Thanks to technology, I can offer online consultation over the phone or Skype.

Tel: 647.928.9840

Homeopathic Practitioner

Anna Sienicka

Anna Sienicka, registered homeopath, coach, author is also a graduate from Kinesiology and Health Science (B.A. with specialized honors, York University).

Anna’s  practice near Roncesvalles Village provides extremely effective solutions and relief from both physical ailments as well as Mental/Emotional challenges including anxiety, depression, insomnia, hormonal rollercoaster, skin eruptions and childhood illnesses.

Fluent in English and Polish, Anna maintains extensive knowledge of diet, nutrition, mind-body connection and the latest in medical advancements, offering inspiring lectures and workshops on Homeopathic First Aid, Wild and Edible Plants and Mushrooms. 


Featured in magazines, in 2015 Anna cycled across Canada to raise awareness about Wholistic Clinics and integrating alternative medicine with conventional approach.  Balancing homeopathic and allopathic world is her passion and she hopes to install this reality globally.

Tel: 416.532.8660


Anna Wrona

Anna Wrona has been living holistically for over a decade. She has been making and using her own skin care products based on the methods taught to her at the Healing Fragrances School of Aromatic Sciences.  She received her Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) designation in 2006 from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has studied healing plants and medicine making with various teachers over the years.  Today, she combines her love of whole foods, essential oils and herbs to offer unique services and products to her clients.  Her growing sphere of education and offerings includes colour light therapy using Spectrahue technology, Human Design readings, facials, massage, ear candling, guided visualizations and powerful grounding meditations.  Anna is a proud mother who loves to share her natural home birth experience in the hopes of inspiring other women to consider doing the same.  She can also be found teaching the sacred art of belly dancing and other feminine practices of empowerment and self-care.

Tel: 647.393.1279 


Aurora Gavito

Aurora Gavito, R.Kin is a Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. She is a CAOFHW Health Specialist and educator. Aurora graduated from York University’s Kinesiology and Health Science Program, receiving a BSc. with specialized honors. She is currently partnered with CAOFHW Injury Rehab Clinic & Health Centre where she provides a variety of health and wellness services.

Much of Aurora’s work is centered around education is power. She knows that with the right knowledge and resources, anybody can become an agent within their health and bring out the best versions of themselves. She knows that health consists of diverse factors, not only physical. Through movement therapy, exercise, fascial stretching and trigger point therapy, Aurora has helped countless clients improve their functional ability and quality of life. From injury rehabilitation to diabetes, Aurora has impacted the lives of many clients internationally.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Aurora has travelled to other countries including Mexico and Australia to help spread evidence-based education and guide others towards their best selves. She has worked in Canada with various institutions on projects varying from gender equality for Indigenous women in sport to cardiovascular rehabilitation programs for community health. Her favourite activities are swimming, music and trying new dishes from around the world.

Aurora, along with CAOFHW Health Solutions and other health specialists has started a project to support artisans worldwide through fair trade and education through Pure Charité.

Aurora ofrece servicios en español y ingles para dolores musculares, terapia de rehabilitacion, problemas de huesos, ligamentos y más.

Tel: 647.867.9811, 647.770.7233


Daniela Tripodi

From an early age, Daniela has been living holistically, however it would be during her later years when she acknowledged that spending time in Nature contributed to keeping her grounded.  Some of her earliest memories include being by her grand-mother’s side, as her wee assistant, watching her cultivate plants.  Thusly, gardening, would then become integral to Daniela’s own journey of self-healing from a variety of medical conditions that were affecting her health.  Her desire to also help others get in tune with their bodies while overcoming barriers to maintaining optimum wellness inspired her to begin studying Reflexology in 2008.

Working with her hands in this capacity was a safe and natural fit for her since she loves its simplicity and non-intrusive method.

She says, “Reflexology was the only modality I have ever experienced that I fell asleep during the treatment”.

Aromatherapy will eventually complement her professional procedures with studies currently underway.  In addition, the restorative properties of herbal medicine strongly interests her, and Daniela will most likely be introducing healing fragrances into her practice in the near future. 

Although Reflexology Practitioners cannot treat any specific illness or disease, Daniela recommends Reflexology for helping with stress management, deep relaxation, better sleep, and self-care due to its immediate benefits.


Daniela is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, and a Professional Member in good standing with The Reflexology Association of Canada (R.A.C.).

Tel: 647.860.1007


Tera Beaulieu

I am completing a PhD in Clinical & Counselling Psychology at the University of Toronto and am a Registered Psychotherapist and Citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario. I have worked clinically with a range of individuals and mental health issues, including relationship difficulties, overwhelming emotions, and processing general life events. I have worked extensively with women, trauma survivors, 2SLGBTQ+ and Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit & Métis) peoples on their healing journeys. I believe psychotherapy is founded on building a safe and collaborative space where therapist and client work together to achieve greater well-being.


I primarily practice emotion-focused therapy, and draw on other therapies including cognitive-behavioural therapy, dialectical-behaviour therapy, and narrative therapy, as needed. Central to my practice are principles of empathy, humility, strength and holism.


My professional training and work includes a predoctoral residency at the Psychological Trauma and Women's Programs (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). I am also a certified psychotherapist with Postpartum Support International, with specialized training in the areas of pregnancy, postpartum, and perinatal mental health issues

Tel:  647.696.1511


Caro Cloutier

Caro is the Ceremonial Leaderof the monthly Full Moon Chocolate Readings & FIRE Ceremony and New Moon Sacred Munay-Ki Rites’ Transmission.  She is also the founder of Reclaiming Feminine Fire, Guiding Smart, Conscious Women from all over North America to expand their Confidence, Brilliance, Intuition and deepen their understanding of who they are, what matters to them and the actions steps needed to live Happiness, Success & a Meaningful Life.    Caro's one on one helps people with anxiety, depression and overwhelm release old trapped emotions in order to grow calm, happy and ease-filled lives.  Her Brain Training Breath Work transforms cluttered, racing monkey-minds into calming bliss, receptive focus and grounded presence.  Additional Programs on Conscious Grieving can be found at ReclaimingFeminineFire.com

Caro has been working in the field of emotional and spiritual health for over 16 years from various agencies in and around Toronto.Trained at the CREATE Institute, Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code work and Core Herter’s Brain Training’s G-Life, Caro brings the knowledge, Ancient Wisdom and cutting edge healing modalities together to support client’s deepest wishes for positive change.  Caro’s passion is to create a compassionate, welcoming space for clients to explore, discover, release, learn, train, open, gather, refuel, refocus in order move through what is keeping them from living more fully into their natural talents, into hope and inspiration and fuelling ability towards positive change.  Caro’s body-centered, client focused and collaborative approach allows client’s to be seen, feel heard, understood and empowered to open to their creative intelligence while uplifting into positive change.   

Caro believes that the change we deeply desire in the world has to start from within.  This is a personal and professional value Caro lives by.  Caro is also committed to supporting this change for those who are ready and seeking this support.

Tel: 416.554.0939


Julia Vanderheul

Julia Vanderheul has been working in the nonprofit sector for the last
15 years specializing in youth struggling with mental health, addictions and sexual abuse. She is a trained Reiki Master and studied under Adina Carmosino and has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. Julia has authored 2 books of poetry speaking to the mental health issues she has encountered over the many years she has provided counselling. She was trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Prince Edward Island and studied at George Brown College in early 2000 in the Human Service Counsellor Program. She graduated with honors and continues her education to this day studying the effects of trauma on the mind and body. Julia is skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavior therapy. She practices PSR which promotes personal recovery, successful community integration and a satisfactory quality of life. Julia is a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Social Service Workers and Social Workers. Julia offers life skill coaching, counselling, and Reiki healing at the Wholistic Care Center.

Tel:  416.846.4454


Velarie Mabounsou

As a working mom of 3, Velarie found her days going by super fast and with no sense of true service and purpose. Life happens as it always does and she found herself feeling lost after going through a bitter divorce. She found comfort and solace through doing some inner work, reflection, intense journaling, counseling and meditation.

Meditation led her to Reiki. Once she was lead to Reiki, she found her way home and has been living with an open mind and heart ever since.

As she receiving the healing benefits of healing herself with the assistance of Reiki and living life with some much joy and calmness, Velarie decided it was time to spread the love and light of Reiki to others.

She is committed to assisting clients achieve a relaxed state of mind in order to achieve healing on all levels : physical, mental and spiritual.


Community healing is Restore & Rise’s mission. Velarie offers community rate sessions for those from low income neighbourhoods or are going through financial hardships. Velarie is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to experience Reiki.


Let Reiki into your life to assist in restoring your energy, get rid of surpassed emotions or stress and rise up to the best version of yourself.

Tel: 416.454.0849


Olena Shtepura

My name is Olena Shtepura, I am an Acupuncturist and I infinitely love what I do. I am working in the Traditional Chinese Medicine field for more than 5 years and had practice Acupuncture last 2 years in the TSTCM clinic and Dorothy Lea Hospice. My unique combination of skills and knowledge in different Eastern practices, such as Acupuncture, TCM Diet, Qi Gong, Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Bazi makes my approach wholistic and complement your treatment to help you recover from the inner and outer side quickly and effectively.

Tel: 416.856.2535

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Julia Bochkareva

Julia Bochkareva has been working in non-for-profit, Settlement, Health and Long-term Care sectors for the last 17y ears specializing in youth struggling with mental health, addictions and sexual abuse, families dealing with divorce, individuals with anxiety and depression.

She graduated with Honors from York University in 2004 with BSW and continues her education studying best practices in treating the effects of trauma on the mind and body.

Julia is skilled in cognitive behavioural therapy CBT, strength- base therapy, narrative therapy. Julia also uses individualized, culturally specific approach. She is fluent in English and Russian. Julia is a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Social Service Workers and Social Workers.

Tel: 647.806.4136

Email: Julia18181818@gmail.com

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